I'm Keaton.

I think in frames. I can't help it. When I was younger, I watched Back to the Future for the first time. I rewound it and watched it again. After 2 viewings I I didn't remember Marty McFly or the Flux Capacitor, the images burned in my memory were the way the film looked and made me feel. That was the start of my obsession. My desire to create images that made me feel the way that movie did.

I was a happily married man to a wonderful woman named Jessica when in 2016 my world was shattered. A tragic car accident took her away from her family and I. About 2 months after the crash I was sleeping on the couch with my dog Finley, back sore and neck cramped when I finally had an epiphany. We have all heard it before but this time it resonated with me on a very cellular level. "Life is short, make the best of it". I have used this as my mantra in my personal life but was lacking in my professional life. So after years of denying my obsession for photography, I took the leap and resigned from my job in Marketing at Martin Guitar to become a freelance photographer. My first client? Martin Guitar.

While I love the product photography side of the business, my favorite part is working with people and showing them a side of themselves they never knew, through photography. I know first hand how powerful an image can be and how tightly we can cling to them. They are timeless.

I am happy to report I have found love again in the arms of a beautiful and selfless woman named Angela. We recently got a sweet French Bulldog whom we lovingly named Marty, after Marty McFly.

The Process

01. Connect

Reach out to solidify a date & project.

Lets Be Friends

02. Conceptualize

We will meet to go over what "look" you are interested in. I believe no two people are alike and this is how I approach each shoot. The goal is to bring out your authentic selves and make sure you're thrilled with the results and have fun along the way.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Lets have some fun and make some memories!

Bring it to life